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    Default Parts suppliers UK

    Checking out the cost of timing belt and water pump kits for Citroen C5 and Peugeot 407 from a large UK supplier, there is a 10 GBP difference between full kits for identical engines and the same between a full kit and the component TB kit and water pump purchased separately. Interesting!


    The UK full TB kit varies between 88 GBP from a well known European manufacturer and 248 GBP for a SASIC kit. That is amazing. The site carries about 10 kits, mainly about the lower end. The supplier appears to have the technology of Amazon. The big sites get bigger.

    It will be also interesting to see what the local suppliers want for like parts. I try to buy locally as long as the disparity is not too great, after all if I don't when I want something quickly they won't be around.
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    C5 2.0 HDI range from $199 some with WP some kits without up to $460 for more mainstream brands.

    Looking at a crowd in Brisbane with Allied WP and crank and cam seals on the kit. 20,000 km warranty is typically what they provide but not over 4years.

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