Peugeot 306 Stalling??
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    Default Peugeot 306 Stalling??

    I recently purchased a 306 GTI 6

    Drove it from Canberra to Brisbane and it didn't skip a beat. After a week in Brisbane it started making a bad rattling sound which I'm 95% sure is the Catalytic Converter. When this started happening the car started stalling but only when slowing down never stalls or skips accelerating.

    I'm thinking the exhaust is blocked from the Cat failure, could this be causing the engine to be suffocating and stalling?


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    The cat converter will impact performance - when the material in the cat breaks up it will plug up the exhaust. If you want to look, Iíve put some pics of my cat in a thread under ĎPeugeotí - threadís called My 306 and itís post #20. Maybe sort the cat and then go from there?



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