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On an Australian 1961 onwards Dauphine Gordini the amber front blinkers are standard, the parking lights were fitted to the headlamp, in the form of a separate bulb mounted to the plug that connects to the main (P45t base) headlamp globe. The parker bulb uses a hole in the base of the metal surround for the main headlamp globe to allow illumination. Unfortunately not all of the P45t base globes have the hole for the parker light any more, it is mainly a case of going to a patient old school auto electrician with a sample globe, who then sorts through their old 6 volt stock to find suitable globes with the parker hole. Or you can carefully drill a hole in the surround of the globe to allow the parker to illuminate.

A dual filament globe with a white (clear) parker/blinker lens was fitted to the European market cars, and can be fitted to the base of the existing blinker only base (there are two screw holes in the base for wires. But no bulb contact for the parker, which needs to be fabricated). As well as diverting the parker power wire to the new blinker/parker base. I’m not sure of the legality of orange parkers (some early 1960’s Minis also had them) in a modern context, and also with 6 volts, the blinker may get lost with the parker also illuminating through the same light.

I like the odd Australian difference with the cars, which is why I like the amber coloured blinkers, and also the Thorpe rear light cluster.
Just a comment about blinkers. LED lamps with their pronounced on/off action really stand out compared with incandescent bulbs. Good for 6V situations.