Peugeot 308 high pressure fuel pump
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Thread: Peugeot 308 high pressure fuel pump

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    Default Peugeot 308 high pressure fuel pump

    Hi everyone

    First of all thank you so very much in advance for your time and any help and opinion i could get from your wealth of knowledge.

    Im a newbie on car and our first family car : 2011 Peugeot 308 Turbo touring petrol auto 1.6 engine


    purchased used from a reputable dealer in Feb this year. Iíll try to be concise with a background of the service weíve done perhaps they might be related.

    Main issue at the moment:
    Engine light is on, car is shaking, engine sounded very loud and took 5-10 min to shutdown, power loss, struggle to reach the right temp, mechí diagnostic says itís showing low on the high pressure fuel pump and replacement is $1300 (genuine part) and all up is about $1600.

    Main Question:
    1. Is that a normal price?
    2. Whatís the likelihood that it is a fuel pump issue? And we wont be coming back for something else the week after

    Since Feb 2017
    Car is thirsty of engine oil, top up with Total 5w30 when required roughly every 300km

    Battery changed

    Full service to a reputable mechanic (recommended from and worshipped in this forum, weíre in inner Sydney) oil flushed, new spark plugs

    Finished the 5L oil

    Early Nov
    6mo service, oil flushed with 5w40 this time.

    Nov 3weeks after svc
    Put in the power maxx nanotech as directed by mech.
    2days later Engine light is on, off to mech, $500 later, engine coils replaced (4th cylinder busted)

    Dec week 1
    Engine light on, power loss at 50k/h bout 2500, diagnosed as low on HPFP, reset, drove fine

    Dec week 2
    Engine light on, symptoms above, advised to change HPFP for 1600$. Should i go with it?

    Thank you for any input you can give.

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    Yep, we had ours replaced earlier this year, was initially diagnosed as bad ignition coils but didn't solve the running, hard starting or engine light issue. Price is around correct I think we paid around $1700 for it.

    Sadly we have had so many ongoing issues with this car it's almost time to move it along! The latest is the turbo is leaking oil from the return line after only being replaced mid last year!

    Good luck
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    When you bought the car in Feb and noticed straight away that it was using a lot of oil, did you mention that to the dealer ? I haven't had to topup the oil in a car sump between oil changes for over 20 years - cars these days just don't use oil. It's a pollution issue for the atmosphere, and a clogging issue for the cat or DPF. When you say you're topping up the oil every 300km's - is this after checking the level on the dipstick on level ground, when the engine has been stopped for more than 10 mins ?

    Battery replacement is an ongoing issue with all cars. They are a wear and tear item.

    If the mechanic is in the Carlton area I would absolutely go with his diagnosis on the fuel pump. That's not to say that the symptoms don't lead to something else - modern engines are complicated, but he would know the best place to start.

    If you're not happy with the price you pretty much need to be able to do the work yourself.


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    The first question anyone should ask is whether you are using 95 or better fuel.

    This is one of the more informative summaries of EP6 issues:

    I expect the correct pump can be had for rather less, but as an OEM part, not in a PSA box.

    Loss of power with this engine can also be due to carbon deposits in the inlet tracts and valves. It's in the nature of direct injection engines and you should consider using a head cleaning spray (e.g Subaru) as part of the regular servicing to manage it.

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    HP pumps are half that price in UK and Europe. Try to locate an aftermarket part.

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    I would strongly advise not to be using 5w40 this engine requires a low ash C2 oil currently PSA are developing a new 5w30 so you should be using Total 0w30 it is the ONLY oil recommended by PSA for this engine. For the hp pump thatís about the right price fitted.
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