Refitting New Brake Hoses !!
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Thread: Refitting New Brake Hoses !!

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    Default Refitting New Brake Hoses !!

    Fellow Froggers !!!

    I have noticed recently some Renault people complaining of the difficulty of refitting the "U" clip to hold the hose in place. The difficulty is that for Renault at least, the hoses re-made in Australia are not the same ar original on the car. The locating hex on that end of the hose is normally a 19mm (3/4") hex and the location double hex is for a 17mm hex. I normally grind the hex on a bench grinder, on all 6 faces to 17mm. Or at least so a 17mm flat spanner will go across it. I also spay with silver paint, so no rust, and the client can't see his new hose ends. The clips go on easy then.

    Refitting New Brake Hoses !!-brake-hose-mount-2.jpgRefitting New Brake Hoses !!-brake-hose-mount-3.jpg


    Sorry to take so long to mention it.

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    Ray geckoeng

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    Excellent tip Ray, many thanks.

    How do we get all these in one area?

    I made a suggestion about a locked "how to" thread to house these type of posts before, but it appears to have fallen on deaf ears.

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    And that isn't to mention Argentinian hoses!

    We are very lucky that our Lockheed brakes have non-metric thread fittings, so we can buy newly made hoses to order (about $50 each) with all new materials to Australian standards from the local brake place. No more NOS hoses thank you!

    An RER brake thread would be great, I agree. We have a lot of knowledge shared all over the place! Just a few subjects that come to mind are:

    1. Removal and refitting of hose retaining clips
    2. Types of brake hoses and where to get them
    3. Silicone brake fluid (my being an advocate!)
    4. Dauphine brakes on 4CVs
    5. All the dual circuit stuff
    6. Which of the three master cylinder diameters to consider and why
    7. Overhauling alloy calipers for R8/10 cars and the issue of square versus round seals
    8. All the "big brake" stuff.

    Wow, and that was 90 seconds of work.....


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    Even if the brake hoses have fittings are metric, unf, or Ba threads.

    Brakequip, the maker of the hose crimping machine. Have a huge range of fittings.

    And worst case is to remove the fitting/s off the old hose and have the hose and crimping ferrule replaced.

    I'm With JohnW, keep the job in Australia and buy custom fabricated hoses from you local brake shop.

    For those who haven't seen the machine in action:

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    'Tis only a baby! Three phase power and the capacity to crimp a 2" 5000PSI hose.
    My old day job. Brake fittings when made from Stainless Steel braid are a test of fine motor skills and patience...that and not pricking your fingers with needle sharp SS braid wrap.

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