how to pull the 306 engine out
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    Default how to pull the 306 engine out

    hey guys, i've got everything disconnected except for the right hand driveshaft and the engine mounts on my 306

    what is the best way to pull it out with an engine crane?

    where do you hook it to the engine and/or where do you strap it?

    i cant get the power steering pipes to come off tho, is there anything wrong with clamping them and cutting them off or am i oblivious to the rite way to do it?


    if anyone can quickly reply the best way to get te engine out of te 306 it would be great, coz in an hour i'll be getting the engine crane and want to pull it out before i have to pay for another day's hire

    Peugeot 306, garrett GT25 turbo, 3" exhaust, microtech LT8 ECU, 16.7 psi, front mount cooler, Chris Milton race port&polish w/ 3 angle cut valves and redesigned combustion chamber, 186hp atw for now... injectors ran out of puff

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    I'd go visit Taylors, suck up to Scott (if he still works there), and ask if you can photocopy some bits out of their workshop manual.

    It worked for me once. That was after I tried to buy the manuals and they refused to sell them to me.

    (Or you may find Haynes publish a manual with the info.)
    Former 306 S16 owner- now own a Mondeo ST24 V6

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