Peugeot 504 Break engine swap PRV
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    Default Peugeot 504 Break engine swap PRV


    I am new on this forum alltough I have been reading quite some posts.
    Happy owner of a 504 V6TI coupé from 78 and a 604 GTI from 85. Moreover I just managed to come over a 505V6 aut. and a 504 Break GL aut from 1977 is on its way in as well...
    The 505 has a good running motor and functioning 4ZF HP22. The 504 has 3ZF HP22 and the 4 cyl carburettor engine. It is in relatively good shape but was stored 20 years ago in a barn.
    All cars are LHD as I am living in Europe.

    Now to my project, and I hope to get some input here and will post any progress. I’m still in the start phase and nothing concrete will happen this year, I will just start collecting the bits nescessairy to do the conversion as I want to keep it as bolt on as possible...

    Well: I would like to take out the 4cyl and its automatic transmission and put the even-fire V6 with aut in it.
    I would need to update the breaking system (authorities require it because of higher output 143 bhp instead of 93)

    Parts I have:
    V6 even fire with all looms, complete LH jetronic from tank to injectors.
    Cat and exhaust 505 V6
    Complete cooling system 505 V6
    Torque tube 505 sedan v6 auto
    Torque tube 504 break 4cil auto
    Complete Front struts 604 V6 1977 to be overhauled.
    Breakbooster 604 turbo diesel 1980
    Master Break cylinder 604 V6 1985
    Radiator 505 and 604 v6 auto.
    15 inch aloys

    What torquetube would I need (if none of the current would fit)?

    Breaking system:
    To upgrade it I would like to place the “ensemble” of the 604 with vented discs in the front, the 604 MBC but the standard rear drums, any issues??

    I am thinking of slightly lowering on all axles,
    Any suggestions?

    Front suspension:
    Do the 604 front struts bolt-on? Would be great to overhaul them and just mount them. Once mounted, Will distance between the wheels be the same?
    Torsion bar: a bigger one from 604 TI would fit?

    With current 4cil automic gearbox diff and V6 automatic gearbox any issues?

    The ltd slipp-diff of the V6 wouldn’t fit in the rearaxle of the 504 wagon I suppose?

    To convert rear drums to discs:
    What would be the way forward?

    Any issues to connect current 504 gear shifter for 3 gears to 4 gears?

    Any issues to make it work?

    Rev counter:
    Although not mounted I could change the dash for a 504 TI or maybe even the nice “monte carlo” dash from the late 504 coupé/cabs.
    Any issues?

    I hope that some of you have experience/knowledge with (some) of the above.

    I am starting to collect parts the coming months and your input will help me.


    Have a good day!

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    Hi Walter,

    good to see someone fixing up a "real" Peugeot!

    Most of your questions can be answered by feeding each question into "Google". Google will probably redirect you to aussiefrogs anyway. There are numerous detailed posts on your topics (Mostly before the plastic Peugeots became popular).

    Good Luck
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