Technical & Performance? Well its a car accessory?

Well i got my CB's all charged & ready for tinkering with.

Its got Voice activation (VOX), but only on the hands free (which is $95 & more than the unit itself!!!). Lookin at the hands free i noticed its a mic, speaker & a 3 conductor plug (1 earth/common, 1 speaker, 1 mic). Exactly the same as a normal mobile phone hands free! So i hooked it up (old motorola handsfree) & when i spoke loudly into the speaker it operated... so i switched the Mic & Speaker round & BINGO!
For $10 & a bit of work you can get a handsfree for your CB & not have to pay $100!!!

I'm going to look at sourcing some decent mic's (as the phone one is not sensitive enuf), if anyone wants one let me know!

Does anyone know where to get some good qualicy Mic's from? Maybe Farnell?