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    Is it possible for someone to help me please? I have a BX19 GTI that will not start. It was running. I washed it and now it will not start. It has spark but, the only way I can get it to run is pour petrol into the manifold vacuum hose.
    Someone told me it will be the fuel injector relay or tachometric relay but I have searched everywhere for one and cannot for the life of me find one fixed to any part in the engine bay. Please if anyone can help that would be magical. Thank you in advance.

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    I had some long and painful problems with my DS 21 i.e. with non-starting. Different system I know but....

    I learnt that the MAP sensor was king. But you can easily (in part, anyway) test that with ohm-meter

    Some other sensors mattered some less so

    But I also learnt that you can tell if the injectors are getting a voltage simply be putting a digital voltmeter (not analogue type which apparently can damage the ECU circuits) across the relevant terminals when you are trying to start engine. If you get a voltage ... mine was .5 v I think and all 4 injectors are the same then you should have eliminated the injector electrics as part of the problem. You do not need an oscilloscope to make this rough check

    By the way, my problem ultimately was 3 brand new failed spark plugs!!!!!
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    Did you wash under the bonnet?

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