406 handbrake appears to be locked up
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    Default 406 handbrake appears to be locked up

    I own a 1997/8 406...a 4 cylinder model (luckily a manual rather than auto ). It's my occasional workhorse.

    I left it sitting on a slight hill with the handbrake on for about 3 months and when I got in to move it, the handbrake appeared to be locked on. I put it in gear and went forwards and backwards to try to release it but no go. I did a u-turn whilst doing this and parked it on the other side of the road, amid much screeching of tyres. Then I left it for another 3 weeks.

    Now it drives OK.

    I'm wondering if anyone else has had the same problem with this model.

    Maybe I should just squirt some Inox down the flexible handbrake cables from the top and hope it was the inner seizing against the outer....if there were any seals stopping water getting in (albeit horizontally) they are long gone.

    The reason I ask is that it has an unusual handbrake mechanism... a drum brake within the centre of the rear disc brakes. Anything there to seize up ?


    Also I'm not certain it was the rear brakes. I'm worried that the front ones may be valving closed due to semi-collapsed hoses internally.....though the front wheel (s) did haul it around in a U-turn. The brakes do feel generally quite spongy.
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