'84 SR 505 auto trans mods
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    Default '84 SR 505 auto trans mods

    My '84 SR 505's auto trans changes up too early. I have to hold it in 2nd to get reasonable acceleration. Is it possible for me or a shop to modify the shift points? How is this done? On another thread someone stated that the trans in the STI uses a vacumn line to determine shift points - does the SR work in the same way and if so could a restrictor be placed in the vacumn line? If I can't modify the shift points can I change the kickdown to be more responsive?


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    Hmmm... you seem to have a similar issue to what I'm having, but I'm posting in this thread here:

    505 Sti auto trans service

    The '84 STi and SR used the same ZF 3 spd auto I believe. I don't know if a vacuum line really exists, but both will have it if it does exist.

    Keep an eye out on both of these threads as they're related.

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