G'day all!!

im new here, and I'm currently doing a bare shell restoration of a 1.9 S2 205 GTI..

As I live in the UK there aren't many 205s with aircon as we only need it for 2 weeks of the year !! 😂

But anyway, it's a bit of a status symbol here to have stuff you don't need lol, so I'm really keen to get it all working!!


the engine bay side of things is about sorted I think, as is the dash switches thanks to one of the guys on here, but I'm wondering how the evaporator is housed and how it attaches to the heater box??? I can see there's a special enclosure on Peugeot service box, but I don't know where it actually sits inside the car compared to everything else???

i was wondering if anyone would be so kind as to post a few pics of how the evaporator sits behind the dash and also how the pipes are run under the bonnet to the condenser/drier/compressor so I can get mine looking as OEM as I can????

thanks in advance for any help.