What could cause erratic idle?
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    Default What could cause erratic idle?

    Firstly, it is not on a frog car, it is on a viking car. Starts with V. But the principle will be the same.

    Have replaced the AFM, the idle is a bit better, between 600 and 850, whereas before it was going from under 600 to over 900.


    The economy is about 20l/100, or 14 mpg.

    The other websites tend to point to cleaning the ETM, but it could be this sensor or that sensor.

    Interested in any ideas.


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    A few more hints might help. It has an AFM, so I guess it's EFI, but what generation? You're complaining about an erratic idle, but 14mpg sounds pretty bad for any "Viking" car I can think of (4 or 6). How does it go under load. Under light cruise.

    Anyhow, I'd be guessing a leak of some sort -- dribbling injector(s), or burst diaphragm on the fuel pressure regulator. Those can both deliver lots of extra fuel under light load, messing up your idle, while still running OK when tramping on.

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