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Thread: Cold start valves

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    Default Cold start valves

    Tinkering with the cold start valve on my 205GTI, I found that even though it appears to work, air is not cut off completely when the valve is shut. Now I have a few to play with but was wondering, is it supposed to?

    If you don't know what I am talking about, here it is:


    The little doodad on top of the throttle body at bottom left with a green and a yellow wire coming out of it.

    My car idles fine, but I would like to know.

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    Early types had some form of bimetallic spring supplemented by a warming circuit.

    Subsequently if the engine if warm as you have just been into the shops etc the bimetallic spring is already warm so its not open. Hence why it's mounted to part of the inlet manifold to soak the heat.

    No big deal if it stays a bit open as the iac will modulate less air for idle speed.

    It becomes a big deal if you turbo or super the car because it will bleed boost.

    My advice is if it idles ok just shut the bonnet and then you can't see it.

    Lots of new cars just rely upon the iac to do both now.

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    That is the air bleed for the A/C. It increases RPM when the A/C is on. It has nothing to do with cold start.

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