Front engined RWD project
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    Default Front engined RWD project

    Im wondering if anyone can help as Im only new to renability
    I want to use the 1647cc block with a front type crank pulley and waterpump with Gordini 17 replica crossflow head and webers.
    I need to know if the gearboxes are the same for the pug 2 liter ohc (fuego 2ltr) and the pushrod 1600s (fuego 1. turbo) with just the bellhousing being the difference if so I could perhaps use the peugeot ba7/5 gearbox?
    Or is the bolt pattern the same??
    Its going into as a front engine rwd project.
    any help would be much appreciated.


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    Perhaps the lack of answers is because you ask about something that has not been done. The 1647cc 18 GTS is non crossflow, and the 17 head will fit that block but the water pump is at the wrong end. You would need a Fuego turbo head or an R20TL head. Both would more than likely have to be imported, although they would not be expensive.
    The bell housings are removeable but I have not tried fit one to a BA/7 box.
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    Default rwd

    Sorry Alan, I got my hopes up with the ba7 box and all french car parts interchanging. After dropping into french connection they were kind enough to show me and tell me that I was dreaming
    oh well it just means Im going to have to use the T series or sprinter bnox with and adapter from rod hadfields.
    Im still very happy to spend that extra 1000 bucks on this engine as its a desgin way ahead of its time providing big ponies, reliabilty, simplicity, no pollution gear, lightweight and plenty available at wreckers.
    My previous choice of engine was the suzuki gti engine with sierra box without the transfer case but of all the above mentioned it only matches the twink with power and weight. Also the sierra box is so weak for its hefty 28kg weight (sprinter box is 24kg and can handle over 300nm of torque or 240hp) that it would last long behind a 160hp engine.
    Once my 1000 datto gets the frog innards then so will my clubman.
    rgds, d.

    Alan thank u for the water pump info, it looks like ill be importing one of the 20tl or fuego turbo.

    Otherwise steven at Frog connection heard of someone converting the water pump on the crossflow head by drilling and tapping... if anyone knows of him or her and how its done please croak it out

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