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    This is probably not applicable to anyone but I thought I'd put it out there anyway.

    I spray painted the secondary areas (underside, tray, engine bay) of the 404 at home using acrylic lacquer.

    Because it is fairly soft paint, I went over it by brushing with self levelling epoxy clear to get a tough service.

    After lubricating my bonnet hinges with an oil can, I was horrified to see that the oil permanently stained the surface.


    Being a frugal soul, I remembered I filled the oil can with some oil I had left over from when I was riding my highly anti-social Honda NSR's ( howling, smoking two strokes with "jingle-jangle" dry clutches. I used to put it into the oil reservoir to be mixed with petrol.

    On looking at the label, it's castor oil based- it made for nice smelling clouds of smoke idling at the lights.

    It was def. the culprit as I put normal oil on the surface & there was no effect on the paint.
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    Castor oil, a first cousin of ricinoleic acid is quite chemically reactive.

    I'd theorize the ricinoleic acid has wicked under the self levelling epoxy, which presumably is some kind of 2k brew.

    Because, if it isn't 2k based all bets are off for chemical resistance. Especially if it's a enamel + hardener product.

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