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    Default Cleaning solution??

    I was wanting to access the collective wisdom of the forum!

    Though this is not a French car problem it is possibly one common to many?

    I had the Defender 90 in for its final service at the end of the warrntee and they changed out the timing cover , (for the most minor of oil weeps???).
    Well the dumb F#@ks hosed the engine bay and front end with some kind of degreaser or truck wash and it has left streeks and marks on the plastic wear, (grill and headlight surrounds), and matte black bumper bar.

    Well it will not wash off and is unaffected by a mild polish.
    Took it back to the dealer and the sales guy had a half a#s#d go at cleaning no avail.

    Any suggestions other than broke fix it!...Which I have done.


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    Any decent plastic care product will do the job, typically tyre shine CRC So Easy on chrome tec, keep it off the glass, will do clear plastic covers. Depending on bumper Autoglym bumper and trim is good. Do this to my landcruiser lights and surrounds and chrome front all the time.
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    If you want to fix it permanently [most wash off in time ] use Plasticare [black or grey ] or better still Autobright.....both only available from UK.

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