lowered spings, renault clio, need some advice.
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    Default lowered spings, renault clio, need some advice.

    I have recently had some lowered spings installed. I have a clio 1.6, also recently put 17 inch wheels on. I have bought the springs of somebody else who had a clio Rs. The spings were made up by K-Mac i believe. I have been told by the people that installed them that they wont be any good for the car, and that its virtually sitting on the bumb stops. I realise im a pushing things with 17 inch wheels and lowered springs on such a small car. What are the implications of driving around like this? What damage can be done? I am thinking of replacing my original springs because the ride is quite bumpy at the moment. And i dont have the money to spend on shocks, ect.


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    I say this again..... its the price u pay for looks.....

    Did u ask the originall owner why he wants to sell them.... u will probably find ur answer ther......

    Good LUck!!

    "Honda makes power for the hell of it, Renault makes power you can use".

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