Rear brake conversion 106XSI
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    Default Rear brake conversion 106XSI

    Hi All


    I have a 106XSI 1.4l '94 that I am currently converting from a road car to a hill climb/tarmac car. The car has a damaged rear swing arm on the drivers side which means I will have to buy a rear beam from a wrecker.

    Since I have to replace the rear suspension I am keen to go to a disc brake rear end if I can get one that is effectively a bolt in swap. Minor fabrication is fine. I guess the 106Rallye may have been disc brake rear, but these are scare and I very much doubt I can get bits from one of these.

    Has anyone done this conversion? or can you suggest some net articles that might point me in the right direction.


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    One thing you could do, however it might be outside your budget, is to have the rear suspension fabricated from a light steel alloy like T45 and all the bushings replaced with heim joints. Fabricated uprights mean you can fit any brake package you want.

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