306 S16 RFT converted to RFS ECU loom and inlet manifold
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    Default 306 S16 RFT converted to RFS ECU loom and inlet manifold

    Hi Guys
    Has anyone tried converting a 306 S16 to run RFS ECU and inlet manifold I know the manifold fits but the cars I've seen are running RFY ECU and injectors. My RFT ECU is toast so I've got a loom unlocked ecu, inlet manifold etc from a GTI 6 and want to convert my car I know I'm going to have to chop the 2 looms about to get it to fit and run but my concern is with the cam position sensor on my car It is on the thermostat housing and on the GTI 6 it is at the timing end I can move the wires no problem but I was concerned how the ecu will have interpret its new position I know it's only used for No1 firing as I know on cranking the ecu fires all 4 injectors then switches to sequential once the engine is running.
    If anyone has any thoughts on this that would be great

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    You will need RFS injectors, I tried RFY injectors with the RFS ECU and its no good. Inlet is fine and the RFS exhaust will also fit. Understand the cam sensor and not sure on that. The RFY fuel rail also fouls the GTI6 cam sensor.
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    Too much trouble for very little if no gain fwiw.

    Those inlets are designed with the exhaust manifold in mind and also the inlet pipework with all the resonators working.

    You seem like your up for the challenge but I see it being a pain more than anything. Can you not get another wcu, sell the bits a fit a set of cams?

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    You will definitely need to wire up the cam sensor. It's the same part, just in a different location and still gives one pulse per engine cycle. Whether or not they're are in exactly the same position, I'm not sure but could look later today. I think it's a worthwhile project, even running the S16 exhaust. You will need GTi6 injectors to match the pulse time of the GTi6 ecu. The power delivery of both engines are very similar so it should work fine.

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