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    Hi there,


    Just wanting to know all there is to know about air filters. I keep hearing they give "that much more" power and don't really know how. Are they relatively cheap to put in place. I have a 88 Mi16 and like the sound of a louder, more powerful car for a small cost.

    thanks for your help.

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    Don't waste your money. You will see NO improvement in power by simply replacing the filter. If you use something like a K&N flat panel filter in the standard air box you will get a louder induction note but thats it.

    The only time you MAY see an improvement is when you get a better flow of cold air into the engine. In this case its not actually the filter making the difference but the better, cooler air.

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    ok if you got the cash, one of the best in my opinion is the BMC carbon fibre tube filter... its an enclosed pod filter with two openings, one for the inlet manifold and one for flexible ducting that leads to the front of the car, supply'n fresh air only... this costs about $250, but is worth it

    a good replacement panel filter like a K&N is the next best thing, try this out... i think about $120

    Worst of the bunch are the open pod filters that suck up hot air from your engine bay.... dont get any that cost more than $30, they're not worth any more than that, all of them nomatter the cost are the same ( maybe 1kw difference) and they make you lose power unless they are perfectly sealed off from the engine bay's hot air

    do yourself a favour and make it easy by getting one of the BMC ones as per above, it will make life much easier and give you a great sounding car

    like daz said, its not the filter (they're all the same) its the quality of air being supplied... i dyno tested about 5 different filters last time i built my engine, and there was no difference between a $25 simota pod filter and a $350 HKS filter....
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