505 STi 1984 air filter
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    Default 505 STi 1984 air filter

    Is the air filter in my STi a throw-away job or can I clean and oil it?


    If throw away, can I get an after market replacement to fit?

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    Hi blizzardboy, pugrambo was referring to a thread I had going about my 505 GTi airfilter, which is the same as that for an STi. The thread disappeared a few months ago when some of the forum's threads were accidentally lost so it won't show up in a search.

    Anyway, I was confused after I'd bought a new Purflux filter that had a note on the side of the box saying that the filter needed to be soaked in oil before being fitted. The previous filter I'd bought from Peugeot (which was a repackaged Purflux filter in a Peugeot bag) didn't have such a note.

    After much discussion, I went and bought a bottle of "air filter oil", soaked the new filter in it, squeezed out the excess, and let it dry before installing it. Apparently the filter can later be cleaned and then the oil reapplied so the filter can be reused. I don't know how anyone can be bothered though, it's a very messy process!

    EBC, who are more well known for their brake pads, sell an aftermarket air filter for 505s which is made from green cotton and is washable in water. It's meant to last longer and be less restrictive than foam elements. I'll probably buy one of these next time around instead of mucking about with filter oil. They are worth looking into if you can get them in your area.

    - Richard

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