PEUGEOT 504 Wiper motor wiring
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    Default PEUGEOT 504 Wiper motor wiring

    I am putting a 504 2 speed wiper motor in my 403, I need to understand how the park circuit works. It is a Bosch motor with 2 wires into the motor , green is low speed, red is high speed, then there is a brown wire and a black wire each connected to a contact that runs on the gear, the third contact is earthed.
    What needs to be powered or earthed to make it park?, do I need to bridge something to the low speed wire?
    Any help appreciated.


    PEUGEOT  504 Wiper motor wiring-20151219_091125.jpg
    PEUGEOT  504 Wiper motor wiring-20151219_090932.jpg
    PEUGEOT  504 Wiper motor wiring-20151219_091113.jpg

    For information of those interested :-
    The body of the motor is connected to earth, Green wire is low speed, red wire is fast speed,. For the park circuit, if power is applied to the black wire, when in the park position nothing happens, if the motor has been rotated, then power comes out the brown wire, the third internal contact goes to earth when in the park position.
    So apply power to the green wire motor rotates slowly, apply power to the red wire motor rotates fast.
    If the motor is rotating then turned off, it stops in any position, if power is the applied to the black wire and the brown wire is connected to the green wire, the motor will park.
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    You will probably need the wiper switch out of the 504 if you want to make things easy.
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    My 2 cents worth : (And this may be all it's worth )

    All I know is that there is a large relay ( about 2 or 3 times the size of your usual automotive electrical relay) up under the dash, with "Mixo" written on it.....which I believe is a timer.

    And 505s have one with "temporisateur" (which I believe means "timer").

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    Great info. this helped in my refurbishment of my wiper motor
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