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Thread: S16 Stalling

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    Default S16 Stalling

    Hi All

    My S16 has been stalling intermitently. It seems to happen more often when the engine has warmed up. When I put the car into neutral - ie: coasting up to the lights, or when I break hard and pop it into neutral, the engine revs seem to go down to 400ish...

    Sometimes they recover back up and resume idling @ 800, but other times the car just dies. The problem happens more regularly when the AC is on. I have tried to stop the habit of coasting up to the lights in neutral, but even when I put the clutch in at the last minute, the problem still happens.

    Any advice on what this could be would be greatly appreciated!


    Cheers, Tim

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    Hey man i had a similar problem a few years back turned out to be a faulty o2 sensor, but you rather get it checked out first to make sure, cus they aint cheap.

    Hope it helps


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