Xantia hydraulic clutch failure - split plastic tubing.
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    Default Xantia hydraulic clutch failure - split plastic tubing.

    The hydraulic line on my clutch has a small split near the union to the slave cylinder. Any failure in the system is supposed to be replaced by a complete system (master cylinder, slave cylinder and connecting tubing). I have been told that this system costs over $1000, if I can find one. I think that the XM and C5 use a similar system. Whether it would be a suitable system is up for conjecture. Does anyone have a second hand system from any of these cars?

    As an alternative, I am considering attempting to repair (bodge). The union to the slave cylinder consists of the plastic clutch line fitting over a barbed connector. I assume that in the factory the plastic pipe is heated and crimped to seal the connection and prevent. I am wondering whether fitting a small jubilee clip with plastic metal, self annealing tape or gasket silicone may do the job. Otherwise I may cut the tube after the split and remove the tubing on the fitting. Then I would attempt to refit the tubing over the fitting by heating the tubing and pushing it onto the fitting. I could use a jubilee clip over the point where the barb is on the fitting.

    Which option do you think would have the best chance of success. Or is there an alternate fix that I haven't thought of?


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    i would do what you are sugesting just dont heat the tube to hot, if all else fails is it possible to tap a thread in the slave cylinder and put a brass fitting in it, someone like pirtek or enzed would have a good solution

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    does the line not come out of the slave cylinder? then runs over the top of the gearbox, along the firewall to the master? held in with a V clip thing?
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