It has been suggested that a Brisbane get together would be a good idea, so here goes.

It might be short notice for some but I think it's better the first weekend in December before all the other Christmas parties start up and every one's to busy.

So next Sunday the 4th of December, 12:00 at the Manly Deck for lunch (I think it's only $10 lunch) at 45 Cambridge Parade, Manly. (up stairs)

Then at 2:00 for those who don't want to come for lunch and only want to go for a drive, meet at George Clayton Park, Lower Esplanade, Manly.


So I put it out there for all to make comment, as I'm only a Melbournian and I have no idea where in Brisbane, but I thought Manly would be a nice sea side spot and it's a little quieter down here.