I'm Gerry & live in Sydney Australia.
I have an equal liking to Citroen, Renault & Peugeot as I've either owned or currently own one of these superb machines
My first registerable car was a Citroen GS Club pictured.

Restoration took place not too long after purchase, using a donor Pallas body.

During the 9 years of owning this beast, myself & my father wrecked about 8 GS's.
In 1998 I bought a Peugeot 205 GTI which I owned for 2½ years. It was the fastest 4 cylinder I had driven to date (& still is).
Replaced the 205 for a 405 STI last year & this is what I'm currently driving. Lovely car to drive & very hard to fault but does lack a bit of character
This is why my current project is under way - restoration of a Renault 4 - a car I've always wanted!
I hope one day to purchase a Pug 406 Coupè in light blue metallic & full leather....
Time will tell