Newbie on hols.
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Thread: Newbie on hols.

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    Icon14 Newbie on hols.

    Hey guys and gals. A newbie here. Can anyone tell me what, if any, events might be happening in Sydney between 25th november and 1st or 2nd december and in Melbourne between 2nd and 12th december? I am going to a wedding in Sydney on 26th nov and would love to check out some fellow French car fan`s motors etc.
    I posted a response to one question about the AXGT. I own two and am a general Cit/Pug fanatic. I said in my post that if anyone would like something brought over, I may be able to help-within reason of course.
    Parts in Aus are very expensive, as far as I can see. They are considerably cheaper here. If anybody has requests, please get in touch and I`ll see if it`s doable.
    Later people,


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    I'm sure melbourne froggers could organise a little social night or drive day to welcome you to our fair city! ....sounds like an excellent excuse anyway
    lets us all know what sort of activities you like doing...& we can point you in the direction of "mustn't miss" activities!

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