Great Ocean Road 5am 20th November
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    Default Great Ocean Road 5am 20th November


    Love to see you guys slay some BMW's on the famous twisties of the GOR

    This was a great cruise last year (check the thread)

    Plenty of time to prepare and get along


    Yes your eyes are not playing tricks 5am

    This was voted the most popular event on last years calender and was a huge success with a massive turnout even given the early start

    Who: All eurocca members
    What: Great Ocean Road 5am
    Where: BMW Bodyshop 770 Lorimer St Port Melbourne
    When: 5am on SUNDAY the 20th November - Yes, 5am!
    Why: Because its there
    How: With your car

    This is one of our more popular runs, we leave from the bodyshop at 5:15 SHARP! We head down to the GOR and stop at Apollo Bay for breakfast, around 8am and head home via the inland road over the Otways.

    Those from Geelong just wait near the Ford factory and wait for the xenons to appear in the rear view mirror

    See you all there, bright and early!

    BTW I will need a passenger for the trip so PM me.

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    lets see if i can make it out of bed for a 5am start! that would leave me with close to 2hours sleep with my current sleeping paterns!

    2013 Megane RS 265 Trophy

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