The link was a bit obvious, but how about Melb subscribers having a go at participating in the next FROG census?


Ribbit-ing news for frog lovers

By Julia Medew

A rare frog species, the Southern Toadlet, has appeared in a record-breaking frog census in Melbourne for the first time.

Minister for Water John Thwaites said the discovery was a highlight of the survey, which involved 900 volunteers collecting information on frogs across Melbourne - the largest number of participants so far.

"The Census also discovered the endangered Growling Grass Frog in two new locations - Caroline Springs and Rockbank," he said.

"These are very important discoveries. Frogs are great indicators of the health of our rivers, creeks, and wetland environments".

But while the survey delivered plenty of good news, the census also recorded an interstate species that could threaten local frogs in Thornbury and Kew.


"Unfortunately we've also found more populations of the Eastern Dwarf Tree Frog, also known as the banana box frog, which comes from interstate and poses a threat to Victorian native frogs," he said.

Amphibian Research Centre manager Gerry Marantelli said frogs from Queensland and New South Wales could pose an environmental threat to local frogs through disease or competition.

"If people find these frogs - which are small and usually lime bright green with black and white lips - they should contact the Amphibian Research Centre which will collect them," he said.

Mr Thwaites encouraged volunteers to register on the website for the spring 2005 Census later this month.

"The Census is an education and research program that aims to increase community knowledge about frogs and better understand the distribution of frogs across the greater Melbourne area," he said.

Go to for a full list of the frogs recorded in the census and their locations.

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