Brisbane - Tomorrow!
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    Default Brisbane - Tomorrow!

    Hey guys, great to be on AussieFrogs. Okay, I have a German car, but my dad's French, so I feel kinda at home.


    Following on from Industrie's aborted run this morning, a couple of us from VWVortex (so far just Jerrah [MkIII Golf VR6]) are going to head up Nebo, Glorious and out to Kilkoy and Mt Mee tomorrow morning, possibly into the arvo with a lunch stopoff. Checkout
    for (fewer?) details.

    I had a great time when us Golf-ers went for a run over Nebo & the G with Cubits and Industrie, hope you guys can make it! Hit me back on Vortex or gimme a call on my mobile if you can make it.

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