Renault Sport Clio Drive/Cruise Sun 20 Feb & Meeting Place
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    Default Renault Sport Clio Drive/Cruise Sun 20 Feb & Meeting Place

    Hey all,
    We are doing it again-the 1st for 05, brought to you by the OzRenaultSport group.All newbies RCS owners welcome (especially Gordini owners..drool.. ).

    The consensus seems to be head to Wisemans, across on the punt, and then another punt..pun intended..on the other side of the river. Once we get to Mangrove Mt, depending on time, some can head back via F3 or Old Pac home and others that are keen can either go to Wollombi or turn around and do the reverse direction.

    Any RSM Megane owners too..please don't be shy..


    Usual roll up is from 6-10 Cliosports, record is 11.

    We meet at Macquarie Centre, roof top cinema parking in front of the medical centre 0900. It's pretty much empty. The ones turn up early can even go and get a coffee, there will be no one to harm unless we crash into each other, its just off the M2 as well, and we can all leave as a group no 3 or 4 cars at a time getting stuck by traffic lights.

    Incase you don't know how to get to the centre...

    Coming from EPPING RD
    You either turn right (coming from City), or Left (coming from Epping/Eastwood) on to herring road and go to the end, up the ramp and that's it (shown on the map)

    Coming from Lancove/Homebush bay drive/Ryde rd
    You turn left (coming from Homebush) or Right (coming form St Ives) on to Waterloo rd, to the end and turn right onto herring, up the ramp.


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    A reminder that this drive is happening on Sunday - six or seven RCS confirmed so far.

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