DriveIns&BBQ-Saturday Dec18
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    Default DriveIns&BBQ-Saturday Dec18

    Hello everyone & Merry Christmas to you all!

    Apologies for the extremmmme late notice...but....

    We're havin' a Drive-In's BBQ Night once again this Saturday evening...

    - Location: Blacktown Drive-In's: Cricketer's Arms, Prospect. (Literally next to the M4 Motorway). Use either Blacktown Rd. or Reservoir Rd. exits (head towards Prospect).

    - Gates open @ 7:30pm - First Movie starts at 8:30pm.

    - Cost: $12 per person DOUBLE FEATURE, i.e. TWO movies' for the price of one!

    - Which movies: Ocean's 12 (8:30) & The Grudge (1030) on Field one. National Treasure (8:30) & Hero (10:30) on Field Two.


    - Food/Dinner: We will be having a BBQ, so let us know if you will need food - so that we buy enough for you & please bring $5 to cover the cost of food & drink.

    Further Info....!

    You're all very welcome to join a few other fellow car enthooziests (yes, i know it's not spelt like that ) for a splendid summer's evening at the drive-in's. Yes, i know we don't have cadillac's and no, I will not have my grease outfit on - but hey, we can still live the wild life of the 60's, can't we??

    I'll have my apron, oven mit & cooking utensils with a portable BBQ/Burner setup happening - along with a tasty salad & drinks. We'll be asking $5 per person, to cover the costs of the food & drinks. (You don't have to eat, you're welcome to join us for the movies only...)

    If you're interested in joining us, please let me know ASAP! SMS DAVE NOW: 0438937118!! HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!
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    *waves* greeting all.

    Turn out is looking pretty good for the drive ins Sat. night. Altezza Club, Supra Club, at least one dude from Oz Echo, a rather nice S2000, and some other randoms!

    For those who wish to get their rides 'blinging' for the evening, (I'm sure that's many people here ) there will be a club car wash in Girraween in the morning between 9:30am and 12. Please come along for a full detail by Elite Car Care. Details on the AltezzaClub thread
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