Melbourne Cruise - Take 2
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    Default Melbourne Cruise - Take 2

    G'day Guys,

    A few of you are probably scratching your heads right now, wondering where the Melbourne Cruise thread has gone...

    Unfortunately, due to a semi-serious family issue beyond my control, I will be unable to attend the cruise that was scheduled to be run tommorrow.


    If there are still agroup of you who wish to drive tommorrow, let me know and I'll email you the comprehensive route map.

    If you guy's are willing to wait, I propose we run the same cruise on Sunday the 31st of October.

    This should give more people a chance to attend and hopefully does not inconvenience anyone.

    I do appologise for this fubar and please feel free to email me for the route map - [email protected]

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    I hope the issue sorts itself out without too much hassle. That's OK about the drive, I actually wasn't going to be able to attend as well. I've been working on the 25 and was going to need tomorrow to continue on it.

    I'm happy for the 31st, it should give people plenty of time to prepare for it and hopefully get some more interest.

    - Richard

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