Where were all the Sydney area CitroŽnists last night?

You missed a GREAT club meeting.


We had Edward Rowe, the PR Mgr from Ateco along to speak to the meeting. He was absolutely brilliant and spoke for almost two hours. Normally this would seem a long time, but he was full of good info, good stories and some damned funny anecdotes as well. He told a beauty about driving a ford rally car in the middle of London a few years ago!

He also told us about how CitroŽn is looking like clobbering Peugeot in the sales for the rest of this year. And about how CitroŽn didn't officially compete at Corsica because the Peugeot team had a dummy spit. SacrŤ Bleu, ze French protest too much.

Anyway, PSA as a whole is looking very strong, which is great news for all of us, even I suppose including Renault. Apparently PSA has been the only Vehicle Manuf. in the world to increase production levels since 9/11. All the others have decreased production.

Also some good news about additional C5 variants on their way to Aus. Possibly including diesel and V6 wagons.

More in next month's "Chevrons"