French Car Festival - Melbourne - 28th October 2018
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    Default French Car Festival - Melbourne - 28th October 2018

    Heads Up Folks, the French Car Festival is coming around again. It's a biggie this year . . .


    28th October at Markham Reserve (Victory Avenue, Ashburton - around #80) from 10am onwards.
    Check out the attached flyer - no, wait, don't just check it out - print out a few, leave them lying around, on the parts counter, in the shop window, at the coffee machine at work, so that others may see and come share the joy that only a mass of French classics can bring.

    Why 'a biggie'? do I hear you ask?

    Well, it's the 70th anniversary of the Citroen 2CV - one's of the world's classic cult cars - and, since it's the Citroen clubs’ turn to organise the FCF this year, that's kind of added a special twist.

    Also it’s 50 years of the mighty R16 - the hatchback innovation that changed the motoring world . . .

    And, it's 120 years since the first Renault was out and about and turning heads. There ain't many car companies that can match that.

    So it's obvious that there should be (at least) 70 2CV's and 120 Renault's on show at this auspicious event.

    I'll grant you that 70 2CVs might be a bit of a stretch, but dammit 120 Renault's should be a piece of cake to assemble.
    I’ll settle for 16 Renault 16’s as 50 of them maybe even I’ll concede stretches the bounds of reality.

    You’ve got a bit over a month to get ready. Bags of time really when you think about it.
    And plenty of time for you interstate French Car lovers and owners to make travel and accomodation plans as required - there are no excuses . . .

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails French Car Festival - Melbourne - 28th  October 2018-fcf-2018-flyer-p1.jpg   French Car Festival - Melbourne - 28th  October 2018-fcf18-schedule.jpg   French Car Festival - Melbourne - 28th  October 2018-fcf18-sponsors.jpg  
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    Hello all,
    Yes. Let's go
    All is ready
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