WA - PCCWA Busselton Cruise (May 22/23)
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    Default WA - PCCWA Busselton Cruise (May 22/23)

    WA - PCCWA cruise.

    It's the annual PCCWA Busselton run ...


    Date: May 22nd / May23rd
    Time: Depart 8:00am
    Meet Point: Junction Albany Hwy - South West Hwy - Armadale
    Route: Harvey, Balingup, Nannup*, Busselton.

    The famous Balingup-Nannup Rd is included Worth the run just
    for this - and a couple of passes maybe worked in .

    Rather then an overnight stay, some of us are returning that afternoon. Making it a 600+km day. If anyone else is interested in the day trip, please PM me for more details.

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