Went to Maleny yesterday to book accommodation, so I thought I'd update
those still looking on the possibilities. If you've checked out your
club mag or heard from the CCCQ you'd know they blocked out
accommodation at 4 venues until now, the New Year.
The cabins at the caravan park in the centre of town are all booked.
The motel still has one vacancy - the honeymoon suite. I didn't check
Affaire d'Amour, next to the motel, as they only accommodate doubles.
I ending up booking at Solothurn, where there is still plenty of
space in a variety of accommodation types - motel type rooms; a stone
cabin; various chalets. Solothurn have had a number of requests for
accommodation from non-Cit-in visitors, but thus far have maintained
the block for Cit-in attendees. No doubt they will soon start taking
other bookings, so I'd get in quick if you were still thinking of
going to the Cit-in.

Remember the committee would also like registrations asap to be able to clarify catering.


Hope to see you there, Bruce.