Simca 1100 GLS hard brake pedal
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    Default Help...Simca 1100 GLS hard brake pedal

    Hi guys,

    I've just bought a 1973 Simca 1100 GLS but the brake pedal is solid. There is a tiny amount of mechanical movement from the pedal but no hydraulic/operational movement. The car has been standing for the last three years so thought it might be seized caliper pistons or master cylinder. Just wandered if anyone with more expertise with these cars may know of another potential cause?

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    Sorry to take so long to get back to you...

    You've got it nailed, I believe... probably the master cylinder siezed as if it were the calipers there'd be some movement, some stretch in the lines, at least one caliper working.

    The only other foreseeable thing might be if the pushrod from the pedal is out of place and pushing up against something solid, but usually this simply can't happen.

    It should be easy to whip the master cylinder off to check, very easy, and if that's not it you've lost nothing. Just don't spill the brake fluid on your paintwork...

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