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    Default Simca Values

    It appears that the talk of another rise in the "Interest Rate" is pushing up the values of the collectable cars ....... Well that might be the opinion of a least one person who has put their Simca up for auction on Ebay.

    With a starting price of $250, this little Aronde P60 wagon has overnight risen in value by about 500%. Because it's rare doesn't mean it's valuable!

    Check it out on Ebay Australia under Simca


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    The last time real estate took a dive (and that was minor alongside this one, methinks), a well known Peugeot man had just completed a rebuild on an E-Type Jag.

    He wasn't going to drive it much, though, because instead of being worth $12,000 or $15,000 it was worth $50,000 and he couldn't afford to insure it!

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