London Motor Show 1957 Simca stands report in Motor.
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    Icon14 London Motor Show 1957 Simca stands report in Motor.

    1957 London motor show repoirts as written up on Motor. for those with these cars.

    Simca Aronde Stand 118
    Three saloons of deceptively modest appearance represent this branch of the Simca organization at Earls Court. Two, The Elysee four-door model and the two door pillarless Grand Large, have the 1,290 c.c. “Flash” engine which has proved not only powerful (In the Motor roads Test report the car showed a maximum speed of 82 m.p.h. ) but extremely durable. In May of this year an Aronde saloon put up new figures for the longest recognized international , averaging 72 m.p.h. for 100,000 km. Performance is, naturally enough, the talking point for the 1958 models, an even faster version has been introduced. The third model on the stand is the Montlhery , outwardly similar to the Eleysee, but equipped with the “Flash Special” engine, which though of the same dimensions , has its power increased from 48 b.h.p. to 57 b.h.p. at 5,200 r.p.m.
    Speed apart the Simca is a French car of completely orthodox design, with typical French reputation handling qualities which appeal particularly to the enthusiastic driver.
    Elysee 1.3 litres, 48 b.h.p. four door saloon. Grand Large 1.3 litres, 48 b.h.p. ; two door pillarless saloon. Montlhery 1.3 litres 57 b.h.p. ; four door saloon. Concessionaires Fiat (England) Ltd Water Road Wembley , Middlesex.
    Simca Vedette stand 129
    As this division of the Simca Group was originally taken over from Ford, it is not surprising that the two new models on show have the most markedly American look in France. Mechanically similar to the old Vedettes except for detail changes , they have virtually all new bodies of greater length, with high tail fins and a wrap-around windscreen which improves visibility without obstructing entry to the car.
    The V8 side-valve engine has compression ratio raised to 7.5: 1, increasing its output to 84 b.h.p. More important are wheels of 15 in instead of the 13 in diameter , in which larger brakes have been installed. Optional equipment on the Beaulieu and Chambord is two pedal control by the Ferlec-Gravina automatic clutch. A Marly estate car completes the show.
    Beaulieu and Chambord 2.4 litres, 84 b.h.p. ; four door saloon, Marly 2.4 |\litres, 80 b.h.p. ; four-door station wagon. Concessionairs Fiat (England ) Ltd Water Road , Wembley Middlesex.
    Incidently thgis was the years that the Edsall was also displayed as a matter of interest.


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    Can a Simca person provide details of the Ferlec Gravina clutch please?
    Thanks in advance.

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