This is only for Expression of Interest purposes. One easy restoration car [good condition ] and one spares car. [with rare sunroof ]
Boxes and boxes of spares including 3 sets of wheels [Maserati, Bathurst Globe etc to suit ] spare brand new engine.
All spare parts have been itemised and that is as far as i have got. It looks like i wont get a chance to start this restoration for at least another year or more due to having 2 other cars in front of them.[ Taking time due to being out of the country alot ]
Too many projects at the moment so seeing if there is any interest for these wonderful cars.
If no one wants to purchase them ....its no big deal as i dearly want to get this stunning car up and on the road myself.
Easy to be a running restoration for somebody.


Now is your chance to get a very exotic looking car before i change my mind and realise..."what have i done !! "
No dreamers please.