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  1. 2000 Peugeot 206 GTI for sale in Adelaide

    Hi all.
    Selling my daily driver 206 GTI. Too many projects!

    2000 model
    2.0 litre 5pd
    Silver / black grey interior

    Showing 180k, but genuine 55k complete engine supplied by ASV less than 2...
  2. WTD - 206 GTI 180 shifter and linkages

    Hi all. Anyone wrecking/wrecked a GTI 180?

    I have a 180 gearbox, but no shifter, which uses the cable mechanism only and no linkage connections.

    For reference I need the shifter/cable unit as...
  3. Cheers!

    Thanks Simon, will go through it all today. :)
  4. 206 GTI 180 rally car - Help with gearbox leaks please?

    Hello all. Have recently replaced the whole gearbox in the GTI. I went to take it out for an event on Saturday morning and found an 8 inch pool of gear oil underneath the front of the car! Didnít...
  5. 206 GTI 180 rally car pics - In Adelaide

    Hi all. Here are some shots of the DriveSport rally team 206 GTI being prepared for the upcoming SA rally championship this year and beyond.

    Cheers. Shaun.
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    206 GTI 180 rally car in SA

    Hello aussiefrog members....

    What a surprise to find one of my lesser cornering efforts already here!

    This is my 2003 GTI 180 built to FIA Group A spec in Ireland and raced there to an...
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