'69 404 Restoration
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    Default '69 404 Restoration

    Hi all,

    I bought the fourO a few weeks ago and retrieved it from Canberra on the Labour Day long weekend.

    Bought it sight unseen from Frog member DMR203. He kindly sent me some photos and a pretty good run down on what he knew about the car. First impressions were good, considering it is 43 years old. No show pony, but a good start for a full restoration. Being complete was a bonus.

    It has 504 engine and 505 radiator currently, but they will be replaced with 404 bits. If anyone wants them I am open to fair offers. No idea what they are worth. (Haven't own a Pug for nearly 20 years) Previous owned 2 x 404 Wagons, 1 x 404 sedan and 2 x 504's.

    Like Marty 404's restoration, I have found rust in the usual places under the front and rear windscreens, under rear bumper, front crossmember has a little (may not need replacing)and a little in the right sill. To my suprise there was absolutely no rust in the floor or skid rails under the front floors.

    The major areas of concern for me is the rust in the front air vent channel and boot channels along the side fins. (See photos) If anyone can suggest the best way of repairing these I would appraciate your advice.

    Not being a welder doesn't help either, so I am relying on a friend of my son to come good with the promise of help.

    The mechanics and electrics don't worry me there fairly simple, it is the paint and panel work where I will need outside assitance.

    It will be a long term project. Like all restorations, finances will determine the speed of progress.



    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails '69 404 Restoration-garaged-6th-may-12-2.jpg   '69 404 Restoration-under-wimdscreen-vent-left-side.jpg   '69 404 Restoration-rust-free-looks-good.jpg   '69 404 Restoration-under-front-windscreen-right-wiper.jpg   '69 404 Restoration-left-boot-channel-lower.jpg   '69 404 Restoration-daves-photo-3.jpg  

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    Default rust removal

    Hello Dano,

    Pity about the rust. Sorry I cannot help you with any advice, but I am sure there is someone out there who has removed rust from under the winscreen before.

    Put more photos up as you progress.


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