Restoration of DS's
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    Default Restoration of DS's

    What is the collective noun for a bunch of CitroŽn DS's? Maybe if we look at synonyms for CitroŽn we can get to lemon, then it is a fruit and that become a basket of (fruit) which become a basket of lemons and then a basket of CitroŽns which would make me a basket case...
    Well that is probably what my wife think when she refers to the 6 DS's that is standing on our plot. (And I still need to fetch the 7th one, although it is technically a wreck and will be stripped of all usable parts and then send to the crushers)
    So here is a list of the projects:
    The first two are both my youngest son's (Rigard) projects (DS23 Pallas') as well as the Safari.

    The 3rd photo is my own, also a DS23 Pallas.

    Two othera are a DS20 and a DSpecial.

    The car nearest to completion is the white DS23 on the first photo.
    All that is still required to get it roadworthy is to get the lights (wiring) sorted and install the fuel tank. Currently the panels of the 3rd car is being used to while we're contstructing a paint "booth".

    The Dspecial is painted a golden colour and will be repainted a dark blue as soon as we've replaced all the rusty parts on it. The car currently has a vinyl roof and we're in the process to change it to be painted. I've tried to source a good quality vinyl but could not get the right texture or colour so far. My eldest son (who will become the owner of this one) need to finish his varsity exams before he can tackle all the work still required.

    The DS20 might become a donor car as all the panels are in a bit of a state. I'm still undecided on this one.


    As soon as I have updates I'll post it.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Restoration of DS's-image2-2.jpg   Restoration of DS's-image1-2.jpg   Restoration of DS's-image_029-1.jpg   Restoration of DS's-image331.jpg   Restoration of DS's-image378.jpg   Restoration of DS's-image_044-2.jpg  

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    If the missus doesn't mind that many cars in the yard, I can only agree that you are a lucky guy.

    I would do the break first. But that's just me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HennovdM View Post
    ...which would make me a basket case...
    So here is a list of the projects:

    I like the idea of fitted carpet in the back of the Safari.
    I don't think that was a standard fitting for Australian delivered cars.
    08FD DSPECIAL "Dear Prudence wont you come out to play?"
    00FF7512 DS23SAFARI "Pull up to my bumper Baby, in your long black limousine."
    C2MY06 C2VTR "Go speed racer, Go"
    YDO005 MORRIS MINI DELUXE "The Mini Deluxe floats on fluid too"

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