2CV Ripple bonnet 1955 - new project
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Thread: 2CV Ripple bonnet 1955 - new project

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    Default 2CV Ripple bonnet 1955 - new project

    Hi to all,
    I have just taken back ownership of this little beauty that I used to own previously.

    The interim owner did a lot of work but there is much more to do. Unfortunately I am not really happy with the very recent paint job. It is enamel and the wrong colour as the car was silver metallic originally.

    So my dilemma is - do I try and remove all of the paint and start again ? in this case am I right thinking that bead blasting is the best option ? Remembering how light the 2CV panels are.

    Or do I try and improve the overall paint finish and repair the unsuccessful application on various panels. What I really mean here is can I lightly sand the top surface of the paint and then re-polish enamel to get a uniform finish ?

    Any suggestions greatly appreciated.


    Ted Cross
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    Ted, I guess it's all about how much work you want to do compared with what you plan for the car.

    Personally, I'd go with a really good cut and polish and simply drive it, but I've never been one to over think the appearance of a car.

    If your goal is complete originality, then only a complete restoration is going to bring it back to your personal standards, but be long winded and expensive.

    For mine, it's appears to be a Slough. If so, it has to be one of very few left on the road. Enjoy it for what it is.

    My two bob's worth!

    Looks great, cheers, Pottsy.
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    its impossible to tell from the photo... What is wrong with the paint? you could try colour sanding one of the panels flat and polishing it. I have little experience with enamel though. This will work with laquer and urethanes though. Remember that enamel will fry up if you try going near it with any other paint type ( it is evil stuff when you are trying to refinish). You can only go near it with enamel in my experience.

    I need to colour sand and polish the shiny shitbox here to take out all of the imperfections from painting it myself in the shed..... I'll get to it oneday.
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    Pottsy's suggestion sounds on the money to me, If you start playing with the paintwork and it goes wrong then can of worms gets bigger. Complete paint job worh the effort? Cost? Why bother.
    Focus on the mechanicals for any improvement and drive the little monster!

    It looks pretty and tres utilitarian as is.

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