Xsara VTS - Saved from the wrecker
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Thread: Xsara VTS - Saved from the wrecker

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    Default Xsara VTS - Saved from the wrecker

    I was at my local wreckers two months ago to get a part off a Xantia that I had been sourcing parts off for the past 2 years only to discover that it had been prematurely scrapped. They told me they had another Xantia in their special yard out the back and took me to have a look.

    It only took a split second to realise it was a late model Xsara and a VTS to boot. Paintwork, interior and engine bay all looked quite good. They couldnít tell me what was wrong with it and couldnít find the key to start it. We spent an hour sifting through boxes of car keys looking for the right one but to no avail.

    Last week I got a call to say they found the key under the sunvisor. They had replaced the fuel pump and it was driving but the alternator wasnít charging. I took it for a drive around the yard. The top end of the motor was noisey but straight away I could tell the suspension, steering & brakes were solid. It was too good to wreck. I made an offer.

    Late 03/04 front bar with fog lights.
    90% of dents will come up paintless.
    Both window regulators work. Yippee!
    Seat bolsters in good condition and interior relatively clean.
    Gearstick in excellent condition.
    Excellent suspension, steering, brakes, clutch & gearbox.
    Original radio.
    Paintwork and interior not really showing their age.
    A/C appears to be functional.

    Scratches all over the dash plastics and decals flaking.
    Broken dash vent.
    Steering wheel leather in bad condition.
    Lifting door lids.
    Front bar has scrapes and needs paint to fix.
    Dent in driverís side rear quarter will need the trim strip replacing and paint to repair.
    Faded headlights.
    Sagging bonnet lining.
    Missing battery box cover.
    Wrong battery.
    Paint on mirrors is faded in typical Xsara fashion.
    Engine has top end noise and needs investigating however starts, runs & idles cleanly.
    2 average quality tyres (BF Goodrich) and two junk tyres (Triangles).
    Issue with the charging system. It appears the car already has a replacement Valeo alternator fitted. Not promising.

    Not a hundred percent sure what Iím going to do with the car but I have a bunch of 306/Xsara performance parts lying around and it would be nice to have a customer loan car. The aim is to have it properly roadworthy and registered by mid 2019.


    Plan is to start off with interior work as itís low cost, low labour intensity and convenient. As soon as I have space in the workshop and all the parts ready waiting Iíll pull the motor for some maintenance work.

    Planned modifications so far:
    GTi6 gearbox
    Large rear anti-roll bar
    Lynx Power Engineering spherical bearing front LCA bushes
    Strut brace
    Exhaust as a minimum. Possibly a set of extractors.
    Peter T stage 1 cams
    Endurance race pads & slotted rotors
    Front splitter
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    I remember seeing my first ever,

    It was going into the Video shop at Old Bar. It was black, and it didn't look like any other coupe I had ever seen. I was immediately in love with them.

    The VTS is going to be my one day car.

    Good on ya for saving it Bluey!

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    Looks good.

    Watch the sills. On mine the suddenly opened up due to rust. Most of the front end were transplanted into a Berlingo Multispace. Doesent handle just as good but have suprised quite a few.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ReidarUF View Post
    Looks good.

    Watch the sills. On mine the suddenly opened up due to rust. Most of the front end were transplanted into a Berlingo Multispace. Doesent handle just as good but have suprised quite a few.
    ReidarUF, the salting/gritting of European roads causes all your local cars to rust to death. It is extremely rare that salt/grit is used on Australian roads, which is why so many Euro cars last so long here.
    Craig K
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    306 go fast bits, please tell me more????
    87 S1 205 GTI / GTI6 powered a project underway
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    You are absolutely right about the salt Craig and among the European countries the west coast of Norway is the worst.

    I wouldnt change the VTS gearbox. It is a stronger unit than that on the GTI6 and suit the engine well. Check out the 306 lower balljoints for some more positive camber.

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