Restoring a Peugeot 405 Mi16x4 1990:

I have made a series of videos of the progress to youtube, so I won´t be going into detail here but here is summary of the story so far:

When I bought the car in 2010 it developed a loud whining noise right away. I removed the engine and disassembled the gearbox and transfer case and found out that the noise came from loose center differential pins and that the transfershaft splines were nearly gone. I fixed those and a few other little ones while I was at it and got the car back on the road. That didn´t last long however as the rear differential started leaking oil. I took the rear suspension off the car and restored it. The rear part of the car also had quite a bit of rust that was taken care of. The underside was painted and the rear suspension installed.

The progress has been quite slow lately, but I am trying to find time for it. At the moment the rear differential is waiting in the corner of the office to be shimmed and assembled

Project video playlist:


Direct links to the videos:

Part 1 - The Beginning

Part 2 - Restoring The Rear Axle

Part 3 - Rear End Rust Repair (1/2)

Part 4 - Rear End Rust Repair (2/2)

Part 5 - Rear End Paint Job

Part 6 - Installing The Rear Axle