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Thread: Cam & Pat's 205 Race Car

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    Ok so I have read every single post in this thread word by word since it's inception all this morning & it ends with Photobucket chat... Has the car ever seen the track? I'm hooked (and scared) now & need to know more on where it is up to.

    206 GTI 180 Track Car - Currently Stock

    Build Plans (For MDTC 4hr Enduro - Strict Regulations)

    Race Seats x 2 - TBC Brand
    Harnesses x 2 - TBC Brand
    Rotors & Pads - TBC Brand
    Wheels & Semi's - TBC Brand
    Spax PSX
    Strut Tops
    Bolt in Roll Cage
    Full Car Wrap (Team Design)

    When It Gets Serious
    Oil Cooler, Torsion Bards, Sway Bars, Strut Braces, Full Exhaust, Cams, LSD... Probably a lot more

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    Yeah, where's it up to?
    I've been depressed that my car has been taking so long to finish. Mine's about to go to the ECU tuner, but you've got about 2 years head start on me
    206 GTi 180 - '804 Cat Cams, Jenvey DBW 48mm ITB's, Emtron KV8 ECU, HP Electronik PDM, AIM MXS Dash, Custom Wiring Harness. AST Camber Tops & Coilovers, -2deg camber hubs by Frogstomp Racing, 24mm Torsion Bars, AP Racing brakes, PeugeotSport Baffled Sump, Oil cooler, Quaife LSD, E85.
    Build nearly finished...

    Sandown - 1:31.5
    Winton - 1:45.6
    Phillip Island - 1:58.4
    Nürburgring - 10:23.ish (Fiesta ST)

    Previously, 2x 504 Wagon, 505 Wagon, 505 STi, 405.

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    I've been using my 309 for over a year and still sorting it out, at least it is reliable now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bluey View Post
    I think Cam and Pat only have the wiring left to do.
    Over a year since this update. How complicated is that wiring ?

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