Well here is my Evo 6 bought it as it is, has jap history and aussie history.
Few mods but nothing ott.. Tomie epreme downpipe, 5zigen exhaust, hks mushroom, hks intercooler pipes, Mines ecu unknown brand hard pipe to turbo, bc coilovers, Rays te37 rims, hks evc 6 running 1.5bar of boost, defis with controller (playback etc) excedy clutch and lightened flywheel 8mr bov.
I think thats most of the mods maybe some I have missed car has done 83k with me being 2nd aussie owner..
Only issues are front lip is cracked (I NEED A NEW ONE HELP!!) and clutch rattle
Other than that car is straight accident free and well looked after

Who can name the aussie frog member I am talking talking too.....